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Providing shelter and supportive services
to homeless women and families
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3430 Wescott Woodlands
Eagan, MN  55123


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Dakota Woodlands is filled with grateful budding artists who helped create this beautiful tree of gratitude on the window of our playroom. On each leaf, our resident moms and their kids share what they're grateful for and add to the overall beauty. We all realize there is always something to be grateful for - hugs from family, warm shelter when there's a chill in the air, nutritious food to keep rumbling tummies full, support when times are challenging, new friends to laugh with, encouragement when things look dismal, opportunities to learn, someone willing to listen, energetic children, cheers for jobs well done, the chance for sustainable housing. Thank you donors, for helping make it all possible!  

We're Thankful at Dakota Woodlands!